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10% off premium cuts of pastured bison and King Salmon in the School Freezer

Stock up on some wild salmon and halibut, grass-fed bison and lamb shanks. 10% off orders of $50.00 or more. See Tbear this afternoon between 2 and 6pm. Cash only. Time to grind it out people! Yet another classic CrossFit Girl workout, this one with a slight twist (I need to fit in some running somehow!). Just in case you needed another reminder, Sunday is Superbowl. The 5 pm class has been rescheduled to 2 pm and the Lounge soiree starts at 3 pm. See previous post for more details. Who is your pick to win? Workout: Running Angie 100 pull-ups 400 m run 100 push-ups 400 m run 100 sit-ups 400 m run 100 squats 400 m run -Kermit