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10x10 Sprint Repeats

I have been given a third chance. Even after Sunday's Glute & Ham wrecker and Monday's hand destroyer I have been allowed the opportunity to program Tuesday's WOD. But before we look at it here is a little idea for everyone whose hands are a bit sore: I haven't tried this so I don't know that it will work for kipping pull ups but I will sure be testing it out. CFV could save a fortune in athletic tape if it does!!! Today we will rest our hands. Yes I am known as the Lunger and no it is not because of my great cardio. Running wrecks me like nothing else we do in CrossFit. A short tabata sprint last week ruined the rest of my day and left me completely useless with exhaustion. But I won't get better at it if I don't train it and neither will you. 10 x 10 Sprint Repeats Warm up Coaches jog your class down to the running track at China Creek Park (beside VCC) Complete a warm up 1000m Run (2x around track) This is a warm up, do not time it. Athletes, in order to prepare for the exertion of the sprints run the first lap at about 75% and the 2nd at about 85%. Take a 5 minute break for light stretching and limbering up. WOD 10 Rounds of 10 second sprints Rest 50 seconds between sprints During the 50 second rest reset yourself to the spot on the track where the time ran out on the previous sprint. This will be your starting point for the next round. Your score in the Leaderboard will be the distance you travel around the track in 10 rounds. (My money is on Dan F. taking this one.) Cool Down Cool down with a light jog back to the gym and use the remaining time to thoroughly stretch or else you will be sore!