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$1,500 Yearly Membership offer, Machine Madness Day 2-“Jello”

Some of our new members have been asking us for a yearly lump sum rate. We have come up with one and in order to comply with the request, we need to offer it to everyone at the gym. So here is our offer. $1,500 + gst for a year of unlimited classes. If you are interested grab your coach, sign a paper canceling your monthly EFT and pay the man/woman. It takes 10 biz days to cancel an eft so set your first month of the pre-paid for Aug 1st. Machine madness: Tuesday This workout was appropriately named "Jello" by one of my 6amers 3 rounds for time of: 350m Row 5 -1 Clapping push-up + 5 kick-backs 8 above the knee box jumps It is a short workout, bigger classes can stagger it, go hard and have fun! Rules: Row-its a short row-go hard-should be a sprint Clapping Push-up+5 kickbacks- do the clapping pushup and then remaining in the plank position jump your feet to your chest and then back to the plank position 5 times. This equals 1 rep, do 5 each round. Box jumps-to get on the board, box jumps must be at a height above the knee