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It's the beginning of something good

So Saturday's Workout and Competition is a throw back to earlier times.

After the measure we'll randomly split the group into 2-4 Teams (depending on numbers) to help one another along the way and appoint some captains and co-captains.  Thanks to Alex and Lumber for reminding me about this idea.

Top groups will receive bragging rights and some additional goodies from the freezer.

Maybe they'll be a team Blonde, Pink, Orange and White

Back in the day we always tested the 1 mile.  So it's back!


1pm - Measurements: Waist, Hip & Weight

Then get warm and set up. 

 "MADLAB WLC FALL17 Workout"


1 Mile run for time


Back Squat ( 60% B.W. Female / 80% B.W-Male ) 

As Many Reps in 90 seconds as possible.  Each Rep worth 5 points. Rack as necessary.


Rest 3min 30 seconds then:

  AMRAP for 6 min

- 5 Push-ups

- 5 Pull-ups/8 Ring Rows

- 10 Tuck-ups

- 20 Alternating Lunges



TBear (@171.6lbs) tested - 29 Squats at 137lbs in 90 secs - no racking done) - 145 Points

Then say TBear completed 4 rounds - 160 points

 Total Score: 305


Please come out and give it your best!!  See you Saturday.

You can sign up anytime over the next week. Preferable before Sat at 1pm.