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2 Day Post - Girlyman’s Farewell

image As many of you know we are losing CrossFit Vancouver client #4 (Duke, Puppy and Hallie are believed to be Patty's first trio) to Calgary as she heads across the Mountains for brighter days, colder nights and much uglier guys. Good Luck plugging in your car so it starts in the morning!! Please post your best girlyman moments. We've all had a bunch of them. Thursday and Friday's Workout 1 Rope Climb 5 Hang Squat Clean Thruster (85/135lbs) 10 Pull-ups 330m Lulu Run (1/4 block clockwise loop) As Many Rounds in 30 minutes. She loves long grinders. As for Friday Do the "GirlyMan" If you've done the 30 minute grinder it's onto the last installment of the 6 week WidowMaker - torso building - savage making backsquat challenge!! Post your max weight back squatted for 20 Reps. Good Luck. Lumber has gym record at 305lbs - some 100lbs over his bodyweight.
Additional School Announcements
Paleo Challenge - Extended Finish - March 31, 2010. Because of the Olympic Mayhem Sunday's Class moved from 2 to 3pm - In lieu of Stretching Clinic Girly will be working out tomorrow at the 6pm. Come challenge her. Goodnight!