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20% of Paleo Logs Submitted - Poor showing - Come on! Get em in this Sunday!!

Updates 1. Yes - your sore, I hear you - me too. Good. Come back tomorrow. 2. The Jan 22nd Crossfit Nutrition Certification is cancelled so regular CrossFit Vancouver weekend classes are back with the Sunday 2pm addition. 3. Except Jan 9 - Nutt's Tribute Workout - We'll open at 9:30 and heats will start at 10:15 and go every 15 minutes. A few ladies and gentlemen are still needing dates. Myself included. It's ok to ask via the comments section. I'll post some heat times for teams tomorrow afternoon. Email me if you must be out of there early than noon. 4. Your food logs are OVERDUE - post your diet for the past few days if your in the paleo challenge. Your opportunity to receive maximal points for the easy part of the challenge may put you in jeopardy of taking one of the top spots. Big Tip (from Mamacita) writing down what you eat really helps keep you on track. Try it image Friday's Workout "Toss your Load" Partner up and record completed reps and loads for 2 Rounds of 3 Lifts. This gives us a real good idea of your power output for some skilled movements that require speed and technique. Especially when pulling and catching heavier weights. 1 min Squat Snatch (choose anywhere between 35 and 155lbs) 1 min rest 1 min Power Snatch (choose any weight between 35 and 155lbs) 1 min rest 1 min Power Clean (any weight between 65 and 225lbs) Switch partners and record them. Then step back up for a second round - change weight if you like. Enjoy. Point's are as follows: multiple rep's by 1/100 of the weight used so if PeterOS squat snatched 95lbs 10 times in that minute he gets 9.5 points then powered snatched 135 - 10 times = 13.5 points then power cleaned 185 - 13 times, go get a calculator and you'll find that's 24.05 So his first round score is 47.05 - Adjust your workload as you see fit for the second round. Can any of the women get over 70? Guys, does 100 seem reachable? Tbear