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2017 FItness Goals at MadLab


Hope you all had a great night. 

Mine was spent with these crazy kids...Tom and I managed to make it to midnight! First 2017 goal complete!

I have always despised the idea of a "New Year's Resolution." BUT, I have always liked the idea of having goals for the year.

If you're like me, maybe you have been thinking about what you'd like to accomplish in 2017, and maybe you even have some specific fitness/strength/skill goals you'd like to achieve in the upcoming months. Add 20 lb. to your back squat? Get a pull-up or muscle-up? Improve your rowing efficiency?

When it comes to fitness goals, I have often found there's disconnect between having a goal and executing it. Usually this is because there's no plan in place to actually get to that goal. I often ask clients what they're doing to work toward adding 25 lb. to their clean, and usually they just say they show up 4 days a week hoping that's enough. While it might be, usually it's not. Specific goals require specific training, and it might mean you need to spend a bit of extra time doing "homework" before or after class (or personal training sessions or an individual program can be written for you).

So if you have a goal you want to achieve this year and aren't sure how to get there, contact your coach for advice and direction. That's what we're here for.