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2020 Vision – Powerful Goal Setting

I had a goal to go go to Paris, I did it ~ Caron


2020 Vision – Powerful Goal Setting

In 1 month, we will be wrapping up this decade.

Yup, read that again.

While I am not a big proponent of New Year’s Resolutions, I do believe in the power of goal setting.

Think back to when you were in school and you had an essay or a paper due. If you had no draft to hand in, what grade did you get?  I imagine a big fat ZERO. How did you do if you submitted a first draft? Better than zero but I imagine you didn’t ace it. Now if you handed in a second or even third draft – I imagine your grades skyrocketed! 

Yet most of us are cruising through life without even a draft.

This is where goal setting comes in.  I am not talking about the SMART goals that you may have done at work.  To be honest I find those quite dull and uninspiring. 

What I am talking about is vision casting.  10-year goals. Being completely unreasonable with what you want for your life and then setting your sails in that direction.

I help you take your unreasonable 10-year goals, break them into 3-year goals, 1-year goals and then daily behaviours that you can implement immediately to align your focus and gain momentum to achieving those amazing dreams.

Here is an example of my own 10, 3- and 1-year goals which I wrote this spring:

By April 2029, I co-author a book on women’s hormone health and nutrition because I educate and empower women to take control over their own health.

By April 2022, I co-deliver women’s health and nutrition seminars because I impact women’s lives through health and nutrition education.

By April 2020, I complete Women’s Health Masterclass Series from the Nutritional Coaching Institute because I educate myself and serve others.

Here is the thing about goals.  What I thought was a 1-year goal is nearly complete.  What I though was a 3-year goal will be done by next spring. And that unreasonable goal of writing a book in 10 years doesn’t seem so unreasonable anymore.

I made this progress because I identified my goals, wrote them down and made and implemented an action plan.

If you want guidance in setting some powerful, unreasonable goals for your future reach out and let’s get started.  

Email for more info.