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Andrew Swartz is 35 Years Young.

Andrew Swartz turns 35 today. Knowing his genes he will live to be well over 100. Make sure you give him a big birthday hug. image I'd have to say my favourite Andy Sac moment was his monk costume at the halloween party a few years back. See pic above. I fell down I laughed so hard. Right down to the old school monk hair do. Those of you who saw it… experienced it know what I'm talking about. It was total dedication and commitment. The embodiment of Andy. I think he ran home that night too. The Urban Monk was truly born that Hallow's Eve. So what is your favourite Andy Sac moment? Post to comments. Happy Birthday brother. You make all our lives better. Tuesday's Workout: Football Total You have 1 hour to complete a 1 rep max of each. Power Clean Back Squat Bench Press Deadlift You must follow this order. After warm ups, 3 attempts are allowed. Time is up after 1 hour. Don't forget your double unders after. Lumber won this last time with 1370 lbs. Hard to keep up with that deadlift and squat. Alison won the ladies with 745 lbs but she is sidelined with an injury right now. Kermit had second with 670 lbs. Should be an interesting day. Cheers! Sheppy