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3 Evils

My handstand goal is to hold a freestanding handstand long enough to say: "Hey, look at me everyone, I'm holding a free standing handstand!" So far I can get to: "Hey lo-". So you can bet we'll be practicing handstands with some coaching tips courtesy of Odd Socks: Tech: Handstand Take time to review all 3 WOD Movements and their Progressions WOD: 3 Evils 3 Rounds: 3 muscle ups 6 hspu 12 alternating pistols Today's triplet has a weakness to foil almost everyone. My personal nemesis is the pistol. Personally I'm enjoying the rolling pistols because a) I can do them b) they leave my legs wrecked afterwards so I know they're working something. If you're not ready for rolling pistols then try pistols to a box. See the video below: