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3 months in the new box

Friday Strength/Technique Session: Back Squats (5, 5, 5, 5) Workout "Delts on a Pencil*"
- Shoulder Press - max continuous reps (95/55) then move to - Chest to Bar Pull-ups for max continuous reps then back to Shoulder Press
Alternate back and forth for a score of total reps in 10 minutes. *Adrian Bozman of Crossfit SanFransico inspired this one. And as I'm travelling to Kamloops early tomorrow morning as reigning champion of the Lotus Land Invitational Golf Tournament I'll take this time to post the weekend workout as well. Enjoy it Marco. Saturday's Workout
"Love thy Dumbbell" 2 ROUNDS of: - 800m Run - 15 Right Arm Snatch - 200m Waiter Walk - 15 Left Arm Snatch - 200m Waiter Walk - 15 Right Arm OHS - 200m Waiter Walk - 15 Left Arm OHS
Guys over 180lbs - use 50lbs, under use 40's Ladies over 130 use 30lbs, under use 25's All are squat snatches Here's Joy taking some time with Patty after qualifying for the Crossfit Games.