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35 day Paleo Challenge - Wednesday last day to get pinched

Tbear informs me that anyone wanting to be a part of the 35 day paleo challenge has to be pinched on Wednesday - 4 to 5pm or 7-8pm. PRIZE MONEY IS UP TO $1750 FOR THE WINNER!! Our esteemed colleague from Calgary, James Fitsgerald (OPT) does Helen in under 7 minutes in this video at the old original box in Santa Cruz. It has been a while since we have done this wod. Get in and get a score on this one. It is a part of our MadLab fitness rating. Tuesday's lesson Plan: Warm up: 200m run, 10 burpees x 2 rounds Tech / Strength: 5 sets 3 reps Deadlift WOD: Helen 400m run (touch center post in gym, around block) 21 KB Swings 12 pullups x 3 rounds