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400m Girl Love, Day 2 WildaBeest Week

image Post Scrapper vs Albino Maria 400m Duel.........Mmmmmm My Achilles tendons/calves are killing me, how about you? Sprinting has been essential to the survival of our species and I believe is just as important today. Imagine the impact on our health care system if everyone sprinted regularly into their 80's and 90's??? My Mom was out here last year and we figured out that she hadn't sprinted since she was a teenager in the county fair. No way to age gracefully I told her. Hopefully when her hand heals (Broke it last week while fiddle head picking) she will begin running (run 1 telephone pole, walk 2, repeat for 15 minutes OK Heather. I can't afford the old age home) smile Tuesday's Workout: (You morning people who have been too chicken to come to class since we started posting the workout..... Buck the F#@k up. Commit to do the practice every day regardless of what we post, and your life will improve because of it) Wendy- 21,15,12,9,6,3 (skip the 18...we buggered it up 3 years ago and it stuck) Pullups, Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Situps (95lbs/55lbs) The ButterFly Kip By Our Buddy Robb Wolf