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44 Ankles in the Air

Gymnastic Wednesday continues. Palmers hands are cuffed. 2 Person Team WOD 44 V-Up's (ankles must touch bar, bend at the hip with straight arms and legs - hence the V 44 Body Length Broad Jumps (Grab the chalk put it on the pavement) 44 Ring Dips 44 Superman's (rock on the belly) 1 mile Run with team-mate come back and repeat rules - first team-mate back may start the second round. - if unable to complete ring dips, bar dips count 2 to 1. Shoulder must be below elbow for ring dip to count. - If odd number, coach will pick a team of 3. V-Up Example - arms and legs straight. Scale V-Ups with 4 V-Sits on the Ground image