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CrossFit Vancouver in 10th Place!!

After a crazy three events on the first day CrossFit Vancouver is in 10th place. Giddy Up!! You can catch all the action and updates at the 2011 CrossFit Games Site. Saturday Workout: Well if you haven't noticed yet this week was all standard workouts from I like the creative license we have to program for the school. Problem is when we make workouts up all the time and don't repeat them later its hard to measure where you are at. This week's .com staples are excellent tests of our where your fitness is at. At the same time, a great measure of your fitness can be how well you can handle a curve ball. As exemplified by the CrossFit Games workouts. Saturday's Workout: Nancy For Time 400 m Run 15 Overhead Squats (96/65) x 5 Sunday's Workout: Treat this as a make up day. Do any of the workout that were posted this week. Here's a really interesting article on CrossFit and Reebok's sponsorship. Nuttin' But Love, Shep