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5 Reasons Individual Program Design Might be Right for You

Many Madlab clients may have noticed the new training times on the schedule—8 am-9:30 am, and noon until 3:30 pm. 

While we have unofficially offered individual program design—as a higher level service offering—for a while now, it has become more popular recently, which is why we now have formal times for those following private programming.


First of all, what is private programming?

Unlike the group training sessions, which is a general program for all of you, private programming is a training program designed specifically for your wants, needs, limitations and goals. 

Generally speaking, if you are in your first training year at Madlab and you’re generally injury-free, you’re probably getting all you need from the combination of group training and periodic one-on-ones with your coach.

However, there are a number of reasons folks might want some additional, individualized training—usually one or two days a week.

  1. Specific Technical Skill

Let’s say your pulling and pushing strength has improved to the point that you feel like you’re strong enough to do a pull-up, or you have a newfound goal of learning how to weightlift: You probably aren’t going to be able to master either of those very technical skills in the group setting or by meeting up with your coach once every six weeks.

In this case, you might benefit from some specific technical strength and skill work to help you get your chin over the bar, or smooth out your clean technique. 

  1. Specific Strength Goal

While our regular training sessions will help you gain squatting strength, hinging, midline, pulling, pushing and carrying strength, they might not be enough if you have a goal of reaching a 300 pound back squat.

Recently, for example, Katie Allen, who has been at Madlab for three years, decided she wants to improve her powerlifting: squat, deadlift, bench. She has continuously improved these numbers, but for her to reach new heights, it’s going to be helpful for her to include some specific strength and powerlifting accessory work into her training. The customized approach also means her program can take into account any movement weaknesses or strength imbalances she might have. 

  1. Sport Specific Training

Whether you’re a high-level athlete, or you want to train for your first Olympic weightlifting competition, or you just want to become faster and more explosive for men’s league hockey, individual program design is a great way to give you what you need for various sports goals.

Ben Fransblow, for example, is mostly just interested in powerlifting and would like to compete one day, while Thea Boucher is all about competing in CrossFit and functional fitness competitions, as well as weightlifting. Both of these teens have been following individualized programming for some time now.

  1. You Just Want More

Some people still just want to improve their overall fitness, and if their bodies can handle it, more volume is sometimes the answer. Especially now, with COVID law preventing you from coming in five days a week, individual program design allows you to do more volume each week in a responsible way—and get into the gym for an extra day or two.

  1. You're Injured or Pregnant

Though we are always happy to help anyone who might have some kind of injury come up with a modified plan of attack for the group training, sometimes it can get frustrating to always be sort of doing your own thing in the group.

Same for pregnancy: Every pregnancy is different, and some women need to start modifying movements earlier than others. An individualized program helps the coach meet you exactly where you’re at on your journey and is a great way to ensure you’re getting exactly the right dose of fitness each trimester.


Bottom Line: 

If you have a specific skill or sports goal you want to achieve, a strength goal, you’re injured or pregnant, or you just want a little bit extra fitness in your life to take it to the next level, talk to your coach to see if individual program design might benefit you.