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5 Reasons to come to Nutts Cup!

The 10th annual Nutts Cup is fast approaching—aka one of the best days we run each year in our MadLab community!

This year is particularly exciting, not just because it's the 10th year we have been running it, but because we have a few new things going on from past years. 

5 Reasons you don't want to miss it!

5. Chesty on the mic: Every year, Chesty takes to the mic and makes us all laugh with his never-ending wit and facetiousness. 

4. The competition: This year, for the first time, teams of two (as opposed to teams of 3) will battle it out for the Cup. Even if you're not ready to compete, or have no interest in ever competing, it will be incredibly inspiring watching these teams go at it. You will certainly feel motivated to work on your fitness after you watch them!

3. The BBQ: Who doesn't like a good BBQ and good drinks in the sun with friends? If you're new to the community, it's a great way to get to know people outside of the regular classes.

2. The Nutts vibes: Though Nutts Cup started because of the devastating loss of former coach Lt. Andrew Nuttall, the day has always been a happy one, where we celebrate who Andy was and honour him by giving back and making a difference in our community—just like he did. It makes for an incredibly powerful day of amazing, uplifting energy and a coming together of a community we all love. 

1. A great cause: Entry will be by donation, both for competitors and spectators. All money raised goes to the youth at Britannia. Any donation, small or big, goes a long way for this East Van community of youth. 

 We would love to see as many of us there as possible, whether competing, cheering, drinking, judging or volunteering...