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5 Rounds with the GOAT

Cassius Clay aka Muhammed Ali.  Many consider him the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.  Those of you who attended group class last friday know that the WOD named after him is as badass as it's namesake.  5 rounds.  15 total reps each of 315lb deadlifts, muscle ups and 185lb clean & jerks, 10 total rope climbs equalling 150', 5x 36" box jumps and 5 rounds of 250m runs. The moment I looked at it, I knew it was a beast.  I've been CrossFitting long enough that I might get nervous but I am rarely intimidated by a WOD.  This one was different.  It scared me.  Saturday night I had anxiety dreams about it.  I've found there is only one way to overcome that fear.  That's to face it head on.  So Sunday I headed to the gym alone to face the champ for 5 gruelling rounds.  Rounds 1-3 I was slow due to fear, rounds 4&5 I was slow due to fatigue.  It wasn't fast, it wasn't pretty but I hung in there and got it done. Can't say my fear is gone.  My ribcage still feels like it was used for 5 rounds of batting practice.  But I do feel like a champ for stepping up to the challenge and getting through it.  I feel like I can take on anything else life throws my way. You should fear your training.  If not you are training in your comfort zone which means you aren't developing physically or as a person. Find your GOAT.   Get scared, then get it done.