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5 Things I wish I Knew when Starting my Weight loss Journey

5 Things I wish I Knew when Starting my Weight loss Journey

When I started at Madlab I was teeny tiny. I wasn’t always that way. 6 years ago, I was overweight. Nearly 200lbs and very unhealthy.

At the time I hated myself, but now I am glad I gained the weight. It spurred on a change that altered the trajectory of my life. It motivated me to try anything to lose the weight.

But that was also the problem, I would try anything. I just wanted to be skinny.

And that led me to making many mistakes along the way. Mistakes I want to help you avoid. Which is ultimately why I started this Nutrition Coaching program.

So, I wanted to share with you over the next 5 weeks, the 5 things I wish I knew when I first started.

Week 1 - Start small and be patient.

Everyone wants to start with grand sweeping life changes all at once. Starting Monday, I will be perfect. This New Years Day begins a whole new me.

Tackling giant life changes seems daunting and altering everything at once rarely produces positive results.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Identify your goals. I take my clients through a goal setting/vision casting process.

Then start with a small habit change that you can implement right away that puts you closer to achieving your goals.

With my clients I start with simply slowing down when you eat. We rush through meals in front of the computer at work or the tv at home. Get out of your office and eat in the lunch room. Talk to your coworkers. Turn off the tv at home and have a conversation with your family.

It is a small change but when you slow down you start to notice. You notice how your food taste, how your body feels, if you are even hungry and do you stop eating when you feel full.

Once you have mastered that small daily habit, we move on to the next.

Building up a collection of small wins and habit changes that when you put them all together results in a healthier lifestyle.

Interesting in learning more or know someone looking for a Nutrition Coach – email me at