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Quirks of Tom that Enhance Productivity

I like to think of myself as a an organized and thorough person. I am generally very task oriented and I try to be as efficient as possible when completing that task.

There are a number of different things I do each and every day to try to enhance my productivity. 

1. I make my bed every morning.

Simply put it makes me happy to see a nicely made bed with the pillows fluffed and the sheets tucked. It also is an excellent way to for me to kick start my day. As soon as the bed is made task one of the day is complete. 

2. I clean my shower every day. 

This is a newer one for me; not that my shower was dirty before but it wasn't maintained as well at is now. I have a mixture of white vinegar and dish soap in a scrubber that I leave in my shower. I make sure that every time I am done I give the shower a quick once over. I like knowing that at no point in time will I have to bust out the bleach and rubber gloves to scrub the grime and limestone off the walls of the bathtub. 

3. I fold my socks in my underwear. 

Yeah, I know, maybe TMI....but it's so convenient come the morning. I match all my socks to my underwear on laundry day to ensure that they not only match but that I never loose a sock in the abyss that is the washer and dryer. It also prevents me from buying more when I know I have just the right amount of both.

4. I Reverse park in my underground.

Reverse parking not only allows for a more efficient get away, but it is so much more satisfying to pull away then it is to back out and putter on.

5. I charge my computer and phone every night.

Nothing drives me more crazy then when my phone or computer is about to die. This is completely avoidable in my eyes. Regardless of where and when my computer and phone are always at 100% battery come wake up time. 

These are just little things that some might see as weird or quirky, but these small things ensure I am more productive for longer periods of time. 

Coach Tom