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5000m Row at CrossFit Vancouver!!

Ha ha!! Just kidding. But for the record, Popeye, in cheery clear headed holiday form, suggested a 5000m row for today's workout. Instead we will do some strength work followed by a short, hard and fast burner. Monday's Workout: Deadlift Shoulder Press 5, 5, 5 Go heavy as you can here. Don't be afraid to fail. Its how human beings learn. Then a Machine Classic: Jello 3 Rounds for Time 350m Row 5 x (1 Clapping Push Up and 5 Kickbacks) 8 Box Jumps (24"/20") Kickbacks begin in the top push up position. Your hands stay still while you bring your feet up to meet them. Easy to cheat here. Make sure your feet come right up to your hands. In total its 5 clapping push ups and 25 kick backs per round. Who can tell us why this workout is named Jello? Still to come, Supa's belated Birthday workout... image