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Broad Jumps and Hill Sprints

Today's Skill/Tech Element: Broad Jump X 5 With both legs together, the athlete will take 5 continuous jumps forward – jump off and land on two feet. The cumulative distance is measured from the heel of the back foot, after the 5th landing. Leaderboard will be your distance in metres. 3 attempts each. Bobsleigh Canada's standards for excellence: Entry Level: 11-12m (Men) / 9-10m (Women) Development: 12-14m (Men) / 10-12m (Women) World Cup: 14-15m (Men) / 12-13m (Women) Olympic: 15-17m (Men) / 13-14m (Women) Today's Workout: China Creek Park Hill Sprints X 6, rest approx 3 min between runs. Aim to hold each effort to within 1-2 seconds difference. A