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9th Annual Nutts Cup is Just Around the Corner

The 9th annual Nutts Cup is coming up this August: SATURDAY, AUGUST 11th.

Here's what you need to know:

• It's a one-day, in-house competition (exact times will be released soon, but expect a 9 am until 4 pm-type of commitment).

• Everyone is guaranteed 3 workouts (top teams will get 4).

• Team of 3: You must have at least one man and one woman. After that, anything goes. As long as you have 3 members total, one of each gender.

•There will be two divisions: Division 1 and Division 2 (16 spots are available for teams in DIVISION 2 and 8 spots in DIVISION 1).

• $120 per team. This includes a delicious hot, healthy lunch of protein and veg, and a drink ticket.

•Even if you're not competing, it's an incredibly fun day filled with food and drinks and fitness-watching and socializing, and for a great cause: To honour Lt. Andrew Nuttall, a former coach who was killed fighting for his country in Afghanistan. So whether or not you're planning on competing, save the date and enjoy one of our best community days of the year.

•Start thinking about who deserves the DUDE AWARD this year! 

Last year's dude: Wendy!

How do you know if you should register for DIVISION 1 or DIVISION 2 Here are some standards to help you decide:


It is suggested that each team member can perform the following:
• 135/95 lb. clean & jerk
• 225/155 lb. deadlift95/65 thruster
• 185/135 lb. sled push
• 20/14 lb. wall ball
• 50/35 lb. DB snatch
It is suggested that at least one team member is competent in:
• Muscle ups
• Handstand push ups
• Pistols
• Rope climbs
• Chest-to-bar pull ups


It is suggested that each team member can perform the following:
• 75/55 lb. clean & jerk
• 135/95 lb. deadlift 
• 75/55 lb. thruster
• 135/90 lb. sled push
• 14/8 lb. wall ball
It is suggested at least one team member is competent in:
• Pull-ups
• Rope climbs
• 24/20" box jumps
If you'd like to compete and aren't sure where you stand, talk to your coach!
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