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A belt is a useful tool, it holds my paleo assed pants up.

Hey, I'm thinking of belting up tomorrow to test the good theory; that it makes you stronger. I do understand the physics of why a belt works - When we lift heavy and listen to big power lifters and the best coaches(strongest Mother Fr's around), and I'm recalling this from a Rippitoe Cert a few years back - You take a big, deep breath and hold it throughout the lift. Yes it makes you light headed at times. This big breath of air increases the intra-thoracic pressure and subsequently the intra-abdominal pressure. This pressure acts like a pneumatic brace against the anterior portion of the spine while the erectors of the back brace it from the posterior. Boom - This increases the support of the spine, and more support means more strength(hopefully a personal best) and a greater foundation to lift a big heavy bar atop your back. Please check out the loads of good info at wiki Starting Strength image A belt’s purpose is to constrict the abdominals to give them something to contract against. Not only is it helping to increase the intra-abdominal and thoracic pressure more than without the belt, but the abdominals also contract harder into the belt to do so. More pressure is more support which means a stronger foundation to do the task at hand. And those that use them say their abs are pretty sore for the first few weeks - makes me think that this tool may have an equally or better purpose than the skippping rope or Abmat. big surprise So, I'm hoping a belt will allow some heavier weights to be handled and give us the opportunity to get that new adaptation (&PR), and then those heavier weights can be handled without a belt - aka Raw Style. Is the belt a good answer? Let's test some out. Anyone have one? Please, Bring them by. Downsides - gets in the way of bar path on Oly lifts - doesn't fit nicely into a crossfitters back pack Upsides -Maybe Tbear gets a new back squat and deadlift max. I've plateaued for close to 500 days with no increases in max dead or back squat. Frustrating!! Tuesday's Workout "CrossFit Total" You have the hour to complete the following 1 Rep Max Back Squat 1 Rep Max Shoulder Press 1 Rep Max Deadlift Post your total of the 3 Max lifts divided by your body mass to the leaderboard. Will the midgets take half the leaderboard?