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A CrossFit Vancouver Classic

Nice work with Fight Gone Bad everyone! I was shocked at how many people showed up at the 5 pm class to do the workout. I am pretty sure Shep counted over 30 people. Today we are going to spend some time working on our presses and split jerks and then a classic CrossFit Vancouver metcon to round things out. Shoulder Press 1,1,1,1 Push Press 1,1,1,1 Split Jerk 1,1,1,1 Now, for a quick little burner. This workout probably should be renamed considering our 800 m run no longer includes a loop around the atrium, but nonetheless. Atrium of Pain 2 rounds for time of 25 squats 20 situps - no abmats required 15 pushups 10 pullups 800 m run Kermit