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A Field Guide to Critical Thinking

Sometimes I shake my head with dis-belief when confronted with some of the ideas that new students hold to be truths, from the myth of "don't squat below parallel", "I am getting strong doing yoga" to "A Vegan diet is healthy" and "man made global warming is the biggest threat to human civilization in the 21st century" I sometimes think people will believe any bullshit they are told, as long as enough people believe it and has some stamp of pseudo must be true. You watch one documentary and voila the low fat diet is the way to live. I once saw a documentary that showed beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Wayne Gretzky never actually scored a goal in his life. It was all a conspiracy. Now if you didn't actually watch the oilers in the 80's and new nothing of your subject matter, you might believe that The Weiner didn't score 50 in 39. Not anymore. Read this FIELD GUIDE TO CRITICAL THINKING AND YOU WILL NEVER BE HORNSWAGGLED AGAIN BY BULLSHIT Here is an overview " I try to communicate the essence of the anthropological perspective, by teaching them, indirectly, what the scientific method is all about. I do so by teaching them how to evaluate evidence. I give them six simple rules to follow when considering any claim, and then show them how to apply those six rules to the examination of any paranormal claim. The six rules of evidential reasoning are my own distillation and simplification of the scientific method. To make it easier for students to remember these half-dozen guidelines, I've coined an acronym for them: Ignoring the vowels, the letters in the word ”FiLCHeRS” stand for the rules of Falsifiability, Logic, Comprehensiveness, Honesty, Replicability, and Sufficiency. Apply these six rules to the evidence offered for any claim, I tell my students, and no one will ever be able to sneak up on you and steal your belief. You'll be filch-proof. Wednesday's Lesson Plan: Warm Up: 500m row (get the soreness out of the legs) smile Tech: Muscle up and Handstand push up progressions Try using parallettes and bands or if you are strong enough do full range unassisted handstands on the parallettes. WOD: 1 minute of Muscle ups, 1 min rest, 1 min Glute ham situps, 1 min rest, 1 min HSPU, 1 min rest, 1 min back extentions x 2 rounds 1 pt for GHSU and back ext, 2 pts for HSPU and MU imageStop believing everything you hear, people need to sell their bullshit, apply skepticism and critical thinking before you buy. Except for Love Love is smarter than you or I smile Patty Final Food for Thought: Being a responsible adult means accepting the fact that almost all knowledge is tentative, and accepting it cheerfully. You may be required to change your belief tomorrow, if the evidence warrants, and you should be willing and able to do so. That, in essence, is what skepticism means: to believe if and only if the evidence warrants.