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A lot like Murph

This week has been a series of short fast workouts thus far. It is time for something a little longer, something to challenge your oxidative pathway. Time for something familiar and yet a little different. Today's workout is a lot like Murph and yet not... "A lot like Murph" 1000 m row 100 KB swings (red/black) 200 push-ups 300 ab-mat situps 1000 m row As with Murph you can perform the movements in any order you wish. That is you don't have to do 200 push-ups before moving onto the ab-mat situps. Now, if you are planning on doing the Paleo challenge you need to sign up ASAP and come and get your measurements taken by Tbear. If you have any extra time tomorrow come help carve some jack-o-laterns. Now if anyone can pull off the Death Star jack-o-latern pictured below that would be very cool.