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A message from Anthony: VO2max Challenge Update – Find Your Redline and Use It!

image I have had some late bookings for testing so I am going to extend testing until the end of the week, but that’s it! Sat Feb 12th at 12:00PM initial testing will close and the competition begins. On Sunday I will send out training guidelines to all the participants. I would also like to answer the two of the most common questions I have received about VO2max and what it means to Crossfit athletes because these two questions can be confused with each other. Q: Does having a high VO2max guarantee you are going to be an awesome Crossfit athlete? A: Hell no, there are lots of additional skills required to round out an athlete. Q: Will training your VO2max make you a better Crossfit athlete? A: Hell Yes! Think of your heart like a fuel pump feeding an engine. Your heart is not driving your intensity level. It is responding to demands the rest of your body places on it. Your heart does not care what type of activity you are doing, like Crossfit, rowing, running, cycling, or sex! Yes, training your VO2max will make you a better lover as well. smile If your muscles place an order for oxygen, your heart responds to deliver. So what does monitoring your heart rate have to do with Crossfit, and why is knowing your VO2max heart rate such a powerful tool? The intensity required to actually exceed your VO2max Heart Rate is very high and short lived as a result. In Crossfit terms, think 20 wall balls at the maximum weight you can finish without stopping, or Fight Gone Bad. Look at your performance on your first set of F.G.B. first set versus your third set. Yet if you can hold your intensity level just below your VO2max threshold, you can greatly extend your training interval without needing a rest, shorten the time you need to recover before you start your next interval, and increase the number of intervals can perform before complete failure. For example, let’s modify Fight Gone Bad into something that is more VO2max training specific. 1. Take your last FGB, and when you setup knock 30% off your barbell, wall ball weights, and the same for your average calories rowed. 2. Put a 90 second rest between each exercise set, or if you have taken the VO2max challenge and have the test results, monitor your heart rate until it drops to the bottom of your “Threshold” HR (see the chart at the top of the post 159bpm). What’s cool about VO2max training is that it is quantifiable. You can test to determine how to train in the zone and then get out and nail that zone knowing you are getting your money’s worth every time. I have heard people talking about not being 'aerobic athletes'; we are ALL aerobic athletes! The moment our muscles are depleted of stored energy and need more we become aerobic athletes. Every time you start panting for breath you are performing an aerobic exercise! What do you think all that breathing is doing? The better your body is at delivering that precious O2 to your muscles to create the power that moves you, the better an athlete you become! Next post I’ll talk about all the different ways to target your VO2max and most importantly, how to breathe! The Garmin Deal: 40% Off! After chasing all the manufacturers looking for the right heart rate monitor, Garmin was my first choice and also nice enough to offer us a group deal. The ForeRunner 60, the perfect tool for the Crossfit crew. It has everything you need to get the job done with none of the extra crap you will never use. Best of all, it lets you store and download your efforts so we can review your progress. If you want to add some extra toys to track running distance or cycling you can buy those later. Here is what it looks like: image If you are interested in getting in on the deal ($125.00 + HST), send me an email or leave me a note in the office. I will put the order in on Feb 14th. Anthony (No Tone): Thursday's WOD: Warm-up: OHS with a stick Tech: 10 x 10 OHS Workout: 75 Shoulder Press (95/55 lbs) - Every time you put the bar down, complete 10 knees to elbows Patty - Go Canucks Go!