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Appreciating Joey at MadLab School of Fitness

While we often make fun of Joey—for his non-stop chatter during 55 of the 60 minutes of his training sessions, for his lengthy bathroom visits at the start of each class, and for his daily complaints about one thing or other (often blaming me—his coach—for the skills he continues to struggle with)—the truth is the energy this man adds to our community is unmatched.

He shows up each day with a smile on his face and just might be the friendliest client we have. He goes out of his way to chat to everyone; he meets a person once and remembers their name and details about them forever. On top of this, he works his balls off whenever he shows up—sometimes to the point of puking. And even when he does puke, he finishes the workout...

If you're not already friends with this man, do it. If you get on his friend's list, you might get invited to his place for dinner—and he just might be the most talented cook at MadLab. Ask him about his homemade's no ordinary pizza!

With this, I want to say thank you Joey for being such an unforgettable and contagious human being. We're lucky to have you! And so is Steph.