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A Variety of Muscle Use!!!

As you may have predicted, today’s workout will be focused on gymnastics. Your skill level will be determined by your strength to body weight ratio, not to mention flexibility, balance, accuracy and other general physical skills! Today is a good day for you to forget about the clock and focus on movement. I feel that sometimes with intensity of the workout the skill development is lost because we lose the ability to keep our legs straight in that perfect L-sit position and that defeats the purpose of perfect practice! On that note, the work is based on your own integrity. Below I have posted a video from CrossFit Paradiso that demonstrates some good progressions for this workout. Warm up: 4 rounds 30 sec's max HSPU 30 sec's rest. ( dumbell seated shoulder press) Tech: Back Levers Workout: L-Pull ups / Pistols (alternating legs) 10 L-pull ups and 2 Pistols 9 L-pull ups and 4 Pistols 8 L-pull ups and 6 Pistols 7 L-pull ups and 8 Pistols 6 L-pull ups and 10 Pistols 5 L-pull ups and 12 Pistols 4 L-pull ups and 14 Pistols 3 L-pull ups and 16 Pistols 2 L-pull ups and 18 Pistols 1 L-pull ups and 20 Pistols Charlie