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Today's Skill/Tech/Strength Element: Review the movements and spend a little time warming up the snatch and bench. Today's Workouts: WoD # A 6 Snatch (135/85lbs) 8 Burpees 10 Wallballs (12/14/20lbs) AMRAP in 5 min Rest 5 min WoD # B 8 Bench Press (body weight/60% of body weight) 8 Strict PullUps (or a slow 4 sec negative for each pullup) AMRAP in 5 min Rest 5 min WoD # C 12 Cal Row 12 Box Jump (24/20") 12 DB Spilt Jerk (35/20 lbs X 2) AMRAP in 5 min Total rounds and reps Example: A 2.13, B 3.03, C 3.04 = 8.20 Athletes, we have a lot to do today so do your coaches a favour and review the videos below, get to the gym early to warm up, give TBear a hug, and be ready to go when class starts. Coaches, you run can heats of up to 6 or 7, start groups at different stations, and get athletes to load their bench press weight during their rest period. Andy