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Emile Maxwell Connaughton - Coach

Emile "Coach Chesty" Maxwell Connaughton


Emile ‘Coach Chest Connaughton


In 2007, I fell three stories off a ladder on a worksite during my stint as a commercial painter. I was awarded a crushed vertebrae in my lumbar spine, nearly resulting in a fate much worse. (It’s not everyday you break your back and walk out of the hospital the same day). The following six months were a slow and unknowing experience. I always new the powerful influence movement has on the body, and sometimes passion is sparked through the removal of such a thing from your life. I've dedicated every day that followed, to the acquisition of mobility, and sharing that skill set with anyone willing to learn, or learning from anyone willing to share.

We are not slaves to our genetics. We all can be strong and flexible. There are non negotiable biological limits to our adaptation, but through progressive techniques and a well trained mindset, we can create all movement possibilities. The science of our mobility is constantly evolving, and some things haven't changed at all. Our bodies were designed to work a particular way, whether that be evolution, or god, or a grilled cheese sandwich, we must all buy into how our stuff is suppose to work. Through a malleable, and objective interpretation of the science, we can make our stuff work better. Become emotionally stable, physically strong, and spiritually sound.

I specialize in training for mobility, privately and in a group environment. I train individuals in the world of strength and conditioning. It starts with training the bodily equipment, training the use of this equipment, and then grooving the neurological demands of whatever you want to do. 

Life is movement. Move better. Do it.

Strength/Conditioning Mobility Trainer
Mobility Specialist Functional Range Conditioning - FRCms - Functional Range Systems
Gymnastics Bodies - GBL1 - Gymnastic Bodies
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer