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Emily Beers - Instructor

Emily "EUNICE" Beers


EmilyEunice Beers

Fresh off seven years of university—a political science undergrad and a master’s degree in journalism—I showed up at MadLab in 2009 lost and confused, uncertain of my next steps in life.

After just a few short weeks, I knew the MadLab community would become a big part of my life for years to come. The more fit I became, and the more I got to know the human beings I worked out with, the more sold I was on the people around me.

By 2010, I decided to start my coaching apprenticeship under our founder Craig ‘Patty’ Patterson. He took me in with open arms and mentored me, not just about how to get people fit, but about the way life works.

Six years later, what I cherish as a coach is simple: I’m most interested in taking the couch potato from the 30th percentile to the 75th percentile—in making fitness an integral part of their lives. I find this far more rewarding than helping an elite athlete go from the 95th to the 98th percentile. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching the 40-year-old woman get her first pull-up, or find the courage to climb the rope for the first time.

I believe developing real relationships and friendships with my clients is crucial to their success and mine. I believe that if the pursuit of fitness is attached to friendships and community, you’re more likely to show up everyday and continue making fitness gains until you’re 80 years old.

It goes without saying, this place has never been just about health and physical fitness to me. The fitness I have achieved has just been but a side note to the supportive community I know will always be here for me in nye life. Nothing warms my heart more than when my clients embrace this community, too, and become more fit than they ever could have imagine in the process.


Eunice’s Credentials

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History - University of British Columbia
Master’s Degree in Journalism - University of Western Ontario
CrossFit Level 1
Catalyst Athletics Performance Weightlifting Coach Level 1
Former Varsity Rower - UBC and UWO
Former NCAA and CIS basketball player
CrossFit Games Individual Competitor - 2014