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Tom Sarosi - Associate Coach

Tom "TOMMY LOU HOU" Sarosi

Associate Coach

I came to Vancouver from Uxbridge, Ontario in 2012 and enrolled in the out-of-town apprentice program. My plan was to return to Ontario and open my own facility. But after three months, I realized I wanted to stay and pursue a career at MadLab.

In a nuthsell, you could call me a nerd of the sport of CrossFit. I love dabbling with new training ideas and I spend as much time programming and reading about programming principles as I do coaching. I’m the guy who can tell you about every single CrossFit Games workout since 2007. I’m hugely passionate about learning about the new trends and protocols elite CrossFit athletes are following to increase their movement efficiency and performance.

I’m most interested in coaching athletes who want to follow a training program, as opposed to a randomized exercise routine. This doesn’t mean I’m just interested in coaching elite athletes. It simply means I enjoy working with athletes who understand that real, sustained progress is systematic, involves a ton of repetition, is often boring, and stems from learning proper movement patterns before adding intensity. I’m interested in training people who are willing to invest the time.

Today, I am MadLab’s Development Program (Competitor’s Program) Coach. The program, which runs on 6-week mesocycles, runs in conjunction with the regular MadLab program, but offers longer sessions, more volume, more repetition, as well as individual weakness programs. It is perfect for athletes who would like to pursue CrossFit as a sport, for those who are interested in sport-specific coaching, or for those who simply have the time and dedication to take their athleticism to a new level.


Tom’s Credentials

Apprentice Pipe Fitter
CrossFit Level 1
Carl Paoli Freestyle Gymnastics Seminar