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Trevor Lindwall - Instructor

Trevor "T-BEAR" Lindwall


Words from Trevor TBearLindwall

I’m the nutrition guy at MadLab School of Fitness. Much of the information I’ve learned has been through Robb Wolf’s teachings and seminars ( and constant reading—50-plus references, websites and books—about the latest science and theories about diet. 

As for the fitness side of things, I found fitness for life in Seattle in 2004 after a debilitating back injury and subsequent back surgery. At the time, I was working in Seattle as an engineer with Johnson Controls.

I could barely move, let alone deadlift any type of weight. I kept talking to Coach Glassman, and his methods made sense to me in order to heal my back.

Because I have the unique perspective of knowing first-hand how to recuperate and bounce back after a serious injury, my coaching style is dedicated to helping clients do the same. Physically I enjoy helping clients achieve their goals and get their health back through proven and progressive methods. Emotionally, I enjoy the process of motivating, inspiring and challenging them to improve.

Much of my methods come from the teachings of great mentors I’ve worked with along the way, strength coaches, physiotherapists and mobility experts, gymnastics coaches and local health professionals, such as  Teri-Lynn Fraser, Jeff Chalmers, Jeff Almon, Alana Shaw, Jeda Boughton.

I have learned in my 10 years in the industry that people often use injury as an excuse to avoid starting a fitness program. When a new client uses this objection, I tell him: “Excuses are the purest form of psychological masturbation.”

At the same time, I’m not all serious all the time. I am a kid at heart, and am always looking to make life fun, be it teaching handstand push-ups, or chilling with my favourite com for food items—espresso in the morning, anything Mac during the day, and a scotch or a good cab sauv to cooldown.

My ideal vision for our future is to continue to grow our performance and movement facility, with a golf course to the east, a beach to the west, a restaurant/bar/vineyard and garden to the south, and a beautiful house nearby with all the amenities to take care of my restless heart.


TBear’s Certifications:

Bachelor of Engineering, P.Eng
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Endurance Running, Barbell and Gymnastics Certifications
Carl Paoli Gymnastic WOD Certification