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Accepting Applications for Nutts Cup team!

First things first, Thea, one of the fittest 13-year-olds around, is teaming up with the washed up Eunice, and they're looking for a third member to join their team for Nutts Cup! Who wants in?

It's going to be an amazing day filled with veteran and new-to-MadLab competitors putting their fitness to the test in a friendly, nobody gives a shit how good you are environment. Let's meet a couple teams:

There's the midget team of Kimmy, Vince and Darren. They'll be hoping for lots running, burpees and other midget movements. 

There's the other husband-wife and third wheel team made up of Mike, Jocelyne and Erin.

And there's the powerful-legged team of Brandon, Caleigh and Caron...

And...even Clyde is competing! (With Dashie and the Afghan!).

It's going to be an amazing day, and there's still time to get a team together to join these other gems next Saturday the 26th. DO IT!