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Accountability Through Fitness

One of the things we as coaches talk about to new or prospective clients is the idea of accountability to someone other than yourself. 

The conversation usually starts with the client talking about how the regular gym is boring, or they are tired of the same workout routine. 

They also usually bring up the fact that they work out alone even though they are in a room full of other people who are also working out. 

We start to talk about how it's easy to get home after work, have a seat on the couch and think, "I'll just go to the gym tomorrow". Then we usually talk about how one week turns into a month, and how one month turns into six, and all of a sudden fitness or exercise seem like a daunting chore. 

One of the reasons I think people keep coming back and are able to stick with a schedule at MadLab is because of the accountability. The accountability to the coaches. The accountability to the programming, but perhaps most importantly, the accountability to the other people who expect to see you or are excited to see you in class. 

Friendships form inside of our walls all the time. Sometimes groups of friends start training together to help support and encourage one another to stay on track. No matter how it starts, one the best things that happens with these friendships is the increased level of accountability. Knowing that other people are expecting to see you at this time, at this place removes the "get out of jail free" card from ones conscious.

We use the word community pretty regularly on our website and through social media. I think the essence of the word community can sometimes get lost because we do use so it often, but for me I think the accountability and camaraderie between our members is our backbone. I think it's clear to anyone who trains with us that this backbone is what makes MadLab School of Fitness so great.

Coach Tom