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Affiliate Challenge Day

There will be no 10 or 11 am classes at CrossFit Vancouver on Saturday June 6th, 2009. We are all invited to CrossFit Lions in North Vancouver for the Affiliate Challenge. Anyone can participate. First heat goes at 10 am. Be there early to warm up for this whopper!! BBQ after - Bring your own booze and meat. Good times ahead. Location - 969 West 1st Street, North Vancouver. If you get lost call 604-839-0296. This is 1 of 3 workouts we will be using to select our teams for the Affiliate Cup at the 2009 CrossFit Games. The next two workouts will be held at our gym next Saturday followed, of course, by a little BBQ of our own. HOWEVER, For those of you who can't make it, CrossFit Vancouver will be holding a 2 pm workout on Saturday June 6th, 2009. Workout is a surprise but I promise nothing like the Lion's Den 250. Come on in and get your NER on!! Laughter. The Best Medicine... Have you ever been this drunk? EMBED-…You walk like a caveman - Watch more free videos …You walk like a caveman - Watch more Year One A healthy appetite. Dog Attacks Grandma - Watch more Funny Videos EMBED-Dog Attacks Grandma - Watch more free videos Hugs and Kisses, The Shepherd