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Stretching Class Wed Feb 8th - Theme Upperbody Stability

What to expect from the Wednesday stretching classes? Warm -ups | Stretching exercises | Mobility drills | Posture and Joint Stability drills and much more
  • In order to help you plan ahead, each WED has a THEME assigned (view below)
  • Learn and practice a self maintenance program tailored to perform safer and recover faster.
  • In addition to the usual PNF,¬† 3D or dynamic stretching exercises, for each Wednesday class you can pre-view here a carefully selected pre/post rehab and movement based video. The topic of these¬† videos will be reviewed in class and practiced together.
  • You will always walk away feeling great! :)
THEME schedule - following preventative/restorative drills will be covered on selected days: Feb 8 - Posture and Alignment revisited - Core Stability - Practice upper body resistance of rotation (view video below) This week's video drill for the class: