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Air Quality in Vancouver and a Change in Programming

As I'm sure you know British Columbia and much of Western North America is currently ablaze with wildfires.  My heart goes out to all those working tirelessly to combat these fires and the people displaced by them.  

With the recent rise in poor air quality in Vancouver we've decided to change our programming this week.

We won't be doing any really hard elongated huffing and puffing. Don't worry though... You'll still get a good workout.  :-)

This move is to help mitigate the deleterious effects of the air we are currently breathing.


I'm always a proponent of being informed so the recent media around the air quality index has prompted my curiosity and I thought I'd share it with you.

So when it was released that the air quality index in Vancouver was above ten I thought... Wow... Is this like Spinal Tap's amps that go to 11? 

Ok all joking aside here is a great Wikipedia page explaining the scales used for measuring air quality.


604 Now released a great article yesterday comparing Vancouver's air to Delhi's. I've breathed that Delhi air... Its not good. Below is a great regional Air Quality Health Index infographic that came with the article.  Interesting that this is Canada's own scale.  India, China and other countries have their own as well.  You can see them in the above linked Wikipedia article.



Very interesting indeed.

Please have a look at all this information.  Stay safe out there and hopefully we'll be through these fires and all this smoke and smog soon.