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Airplane Progressions For Hips, Glutes & Balance

When it comes to a golf swing, or any compound movement for that matter, your hips and glutes have a lot of work to do.  If you are having trouble rotating your hips chances are your swing isn't going that well.  

Enter TPI Golf Fitness.  I won't coach your golf swing but I will make your body better at making a turn.  Its really that simple.

In order to do this I have to get you to use both your hips - Not just one or kinda the other.

Enter the benefits of single leg training for golfers.  Here is a great article from TPI on the subject.

One of the single leg exercises we can practice is the airplane in its many variations and progressions.  It gets your hips internally and externally rotation while firing up your glutes.  This is exactly what is required for a sound golf swing.  Furthermore you need to recruit your best balance to execute the airplane and we all know how important that is to your swing. 

Here is a video of a great starting progression to get the hang of these airplanes.

Here is an advanced progressions of the airplane. Notice how controlled he is throughout his range of motion .  Impressive.


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Happy Swinging!