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All specialist welcome!!!

Wedensday, gymnastics has rolled around & I feel every one who shows up has made some great progress! Some have hand stands, some are even rocking loads of Hand stand push ups. We have some badass gymnast down here at CrossFit Vancouver, the thing of beauty is that everyone who shows up keeps progressing! (all the reason to show + its fun)!!! Come on down for some body weight fitness work, Here it is! Warm up: tabata superman rocks. Skill/Tech: Skin the cat / Ice Cream makers & Levers. The work out: Max reps in 2 minutes/ 1 minute rest of the following movements. Box jumps 20"/24" rest Hollow rocks rest Handstand push up rest Pull ups rest Jumping squats. Keep track of reps, combine all for your total score. Check this vid of Patty & Whibs doing some tumbling CFV style!!!