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The mighty Koklayev jerking two heard me. Today's Skill/Tech Element: Split Jerks from behind the neck 5 sets, 3 reps Focus on sticking the landing Today's Workout: Anaerobic Lactic Power Row 30 second Row 150 second Rest 6 Rounds Total Meters Coaches - if you have a large group to manage, organize heats, where athletes start a new round every three minutes Athletes - keep power output as high as possible from start to finish Andy
Reminder - Paleo Party - This Friday 6-9pm - Everyone Welcome Cash Payouts, Bring your own Paleo Treats (think Protein 1st), T's got the Wine and Raw Milk Cheeses Discussion on next Challenge. May 1 to July 1 People - Two Months - 1 Cut at the 5 week mark.