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An Afternoon With Carl Episode 1

As a part of the school we really want to reach out to a broad community in order to allow our coaches and apprentices to better understand the human body in all its stages of fitness through life. We have a number of "older" athletes and they are gold for our community. I really see great value in having more experienced people in my life and I believe our entire community will benefit from the wealth of knowledge these people bring about life itself. There is nothing more inspiring than having people in their 50,'s 60's an 70's form bonds with those in their 20's and 30's. It is a win for all of us. I encourage each of you to reach out the special "older" people in your lives to come in and see how much Crossfit Vancouver can improve their health and general well being as well as find new friends in a great community. Carl is a beauty, a great ambassador for this cause, and an inspiration to everyone of every age in our box. When you see Carl in Class punch him in the stomach...He likes that stuff. smile Eventually one of these videos will have him doing Crossfit. Wednesday's Lesson Plan Warm UP: 1 mile run (hard for time) Tech: Over the Bar, Hand Stands on the paralettes, Muscle Up progressions WOD: Zoe 30 Muscle ups for time Patty