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An Introduction to how CrossFit Vancouver was Created

As many of you know, CrossFit Vancouver was founded by Craig (Patty) Patterson and is continually based on and run by the principles of Landmark Education. Landmark Education is a powerful tool which allows you to expand the possibilities of your life. These could be any areas you would like to improve: work, relationships, family, your max deadlift and Fran time, whatever is important to you! Many of the coaches and apprentices at our school have completed the Landmark Forum, the Advanced Course and beyond. I finished the Advanced Course this past weekend and I am so excited about the possibilities this has created for me at work and in my relationships with family and friends. Much to my delight, I found two other CrossFit students were also there with me: Sunghee Lapelle (wife of Lunger) and Popeye's newbie Tyler Sheppard. Watching the transformations of both Tyler and Sunghee over the weekend was amazing for me and I am so glad to have these two individuals in our community. image After Patty completed Landmark Education he quit his engineering job and a short time later, created CrossFit Vancouver. Our entire CrossFit community and the impact it has had on all of our lives would not exist without the possibilities Landmark Education created for Patty. I am committed to empowering every member of our community with this education so you can realize the possibilities in your lives. This is why I am inviting every member of the CrossFit community (and your friends and loved ones) to a free Introductory session to the Landmark Forum. At the introductory session you will be introduced to how the Landmark Forum works and what it can do for you in your everyday life. For those of you who have completed the Forum, you've learned to walk but sprinting and jumping are a lot more fun! I invite you to come on Tuesday night to check out the Advanced Course. ~ Love Nelson WHEN: Tuesday July 14th evening 7PM - 10PM WHERE: 1155 West Pender St. (Between Thurlow and Bute) ATTIRE: Fly the flag and wear a CrossFit shirt if you have one. BRING: Partners, friends, family (children 8 and older) (Popeye, put your arms down and get your ass in there and do the Advanced Course!)