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An Old Classic - Split Jerk

This is from 4-5 years ago, Hallie was one of my very first clients, one of my favorite people in the world (and a consistent pain in the ass) and has been a big supporter since day one, including last Saturday night. smile It wasn't my fault, the PUP f**ked me.....once again. Obviously from the comments on you tube (amazing how awful people can be on anonymous forums) the technique was not perfect. Olympic lifting is as complex as a golf swing and takes years to get good at. Watch the clip, who can spot the obvious errors in technique? Thursday's lesson Plan: Warm UP: 800m run (still sunny and running is the most functional movement there is) Tech: Shoulder press, Push press, Split/Push jerk WOD: Shoulder press 1,1,1 Push press 1,1,1 Push/split Jerk 1,1,1 Average all nine lifts for your score Patty