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An oldie but a goodie

Good work with Nasty Girls (and Guys)! My hope with giving that workout is that it will inspire everyone to work on their muscle-ups. 7 muscle-ups is a lot less time consuming, not to mention easier on the body (less tearing of the hands) than 21 pull-ups and 21 dips. Now it is time to work our basic gymnastics skills. It is the one and only... "Angie" 100 pull-ups 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups 100 squats ... in that order. Make sure that every rep is clean, chin over the bar, chest hits the deck, shoulder past the hips and full extension of the hips. So tape up those hands and go hard with this one. On the topic of hands and rips as mentioned in the comments section of yesterday's workout here are my 2 cents. When I first started CrossFit ripping up my hands was a pretty common occurrence. I would wrap them up like Rocky Balboa and just keep pushing. Each rip took about a week to heal. Slowly the calluses on my hands started to build up and I thought I wouldn't have anymore problems... wrong! The calluses would get thicker and thicker and would rip even more easily. The only difference was I could tell where the tears were going to happen ahead of time. Now, it is 2 and half years later and my last rip was more than 6 months ago (CrossFit games). The key is constant maintenance of the calluses. When they get too thick they need to be "shaved down" otherwise they will keep ripping. I have tried pumice stones amongst other pedicure tools and here is what I found to work best, the Callus Shaver! You can buy one of these at any pharmacy and they are pretty cheap. I find the best time to shave down calluses is right after a shower. Your calluses will essentially puff up and are very easy to deal with, just don't press too hard. Your hands may be a little sensitive the next day, but your chances of ripping are virtually nil.