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An Olympic Thursday Birthday Workout!!

Many great people have been born on February 12th. Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were both born in 1809. Sylvia Saint (a very talented lady) was born in 1976. Who would of known on this fateful day 35 years ago the world would be blessed with Lisa Dawn Blewett. Her Life Highlights so far: 1974 - Upon being born, she slapped the doctor... on the ass. 1979 - Had every boy in kindergarten begging to play doctor. 1981 - Composed the theme song to "The Love Boat". 1982 - Invented snowboarding. 1988 - Beat Brian Mulroney in an arm wrestle. 1990 - Won Miss Sault Ste. Marie at county fair. 1995 - Invented the Internet. 1997 - Successfully litigated the O.J Simpson Civil Trial. 2000 - Was Russel Crowe's stunt double in "Gladiator". 2002 - Successfully opened Vancouver's first nightclub for pets. 2004 - Gives Todd Bertuzzi the order to sucker punch Steve Moore. 2007 - Joined CrossFit Vancouver. You've come a long way since you've joined our community Lisa. Both as an athlete and a person. You arrive ready for war everyday and we all look up to you. We are better for having you in our lives. Happy Birthday!! image Thursday's Workout: We'll call it... The Blewett! 7 Squat Snatch (75/50 lbs) 7 Box Jumps (24/20 ") X 7