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Ana Zaidan "Fancypants": Apprentice Coach and Facility Director

Fancypants is an apprentice coach at CrossFit Vancouver, who works under the Shepherd. She is also the Facility Director. She moved to Vancouver from Brazil in March, 2007. It didn’t take her long to find and become addicted CrossFit Vancouver. Today, Ana is pure and simply the ideal poster girl for CrossFit women. She’s the girl you point at when new students arrive and say, ‘If you commit to CrossFit, you have the chance to look like her!” That said, she wasn’t always an insane athlete. Prior to CrossFit, her only sports background was ballet, and she dabbled in aerobics and weights classes at global gyms back home in Brazil. Before coaching CrossFit, Ana completed a post graduate degree in teaching and worked in schools for 10 years. Her teaching background has helped her tremendously as a coach today – she treats all her students with unmatched devotion and patience. The hardest part about her transition to coaching CrossFit was the language barrier. But she persevered through, and today her English is sound. Ana's Certifications: - CrossFit Level 1 certified - CrossFit Endurance certified - Post graduate degree in teaching