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And now for something completely different

"And now for something completely different..." Anybody know all the words to the Lumberjack song? Anyway, onto the workout; to score this workout keep track of your total repetitions. One minute at each station, repeat 3 times Burpees Knees to elbows KB Bear Crawl - every 10 m counts for 1 rep (red/black) Block jumps - not box jumps, start at the top of the box, jump down and immediately rebound back to top of the box. Rest, if needed, is taken at the top of the box. (20 inch/24 inch) V-sits 1 minute rest between rounds Coaches will have to stagger their athletes accordingly. Make sure there are enough KBs for the bear crawl, if not substitute 35 lbs/ 55 lbs dumbbells. Now here is an interesting site worth a look. There are some interesting tutorials on some body weight movements including handstands and muscle-ups. Beast Skills